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Upper Edge Sports CEO, Andy Ross, with client Morgan Moses

How We Bring The Edge

Our team brings you the full package making sure you have an EDGE in all aspects of life.

01 Contract Management

When it comes to maximizing your contract you need an EDGE. That’s where we come in. Over the last 25 years our expert team has developed deep relationships with coaches, GMs, and scouts. These ties in coordination with our research allow for us to put you in the best position to maximize earnings.

02 Marketing & Endorsements

Our team has a deep marketing backgrounds which have allowed us to create brand relationships unlike any other in the industry. We’ve collectively negotiated over $50M in marketing & consulting deals.

03 Draft Prep

Cookie cutter tactics don’t help boost you up draft boards. That’s why we utilize our massive network to create a tailored team specifically for you. From trainers, nutritionists, and media coaching we will find the specialists that are best suited to enhance your draft stock.

04 Media & Public Relations

Our public relations team will help you build your brand, connect with fans across local, regional, and national outlets. 

05 Charity

Making a difference in the community is something that our team cares deeply about. If there is a cause that is important to you then it’s important to us to make sure we work together to do good.

06 Medical

The most frightening thing about this profession is how quickly it can end. One of our biggest specialties at Upper Edge is our medical support. We build you an injury prevention plan to help you reduce risks as much as possible. However, things happen, and if they do our team will be a step ahead of the game when it comes to getting 2nd opinions and connecting you with our network of leading medical professionals.

07 Concierge

Whether you are trying to get courtside seats at the next UFC event or simply need help holiday shopping for your family, our team always has a plug. We’re here to make your life easier and let you enjoy living it!

Post Career Planning Services image of Ali Marpet

08 Post Career Planning

Football doesn’t last forever. One of the first things we do when working together is discuss your goals from a quality of life and financial standpoint so we can help you get you and your family where you want to be without any worries.

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