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Joe Sanfilippo

Joe Sanfilippo Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Upper Edge Sports

Joe Sanfilippo

Chief Operating Officer (COO) & NFL Agent

As the Chief Operating Officer of Upper Edge Sports, Joe Sanfilippo is responsible for many of the day-to-day operations at Upper Edge Sports.

Joe has negotiated millions of dollars in marketing deals, has won numerous awards, and has worked with a variety of hall of fame athletes. Joe’s deep understanding of digital marketing allows him to communicate with marketing executives and corporate decision makers better than anyone in the industry.

Joe has developed countless skills such as deal sourcing, contract negotiation, problem solving, marketing, and public relations which makes him our “Swiss Army knife”. Joe’s entrepreneurial experience and detail-oriented mindset is invaluable to our clients. He helps our clients visualize their long-term goals and create a strategy to achieve them. In a world with constant distractions, it’s vital to have someone like Joe to make sure our team and clients are focused and prioritizing the right things.

Joe Sanfilippo Career Highlights


"When it comes to negotiating marketing deals, Joe is him. He always knows exactly how to communicate with brands to maximize my deals and make sure the terms are on point."
Brock Hoffman, Upper Edge Sports Client
Brock Hoffman
Dallas Cowboys, O-Line


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